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Our Current CSAT Score

What is a CSAT Score?

The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a tool that we use to measure our customer satisfaction with our services. Stellar service is one of the pillars that HighPoint was built on and our CSAT score reflects that. We want our vendors and customers to provide us with feedback so we can ensure that our company’s policies are upheld and we continue to meet your expectations.



Common Questions

How do we use CSAT?

Our CSAT score reaffirms our efforts when it comes to our client relationships. It is a tool used in a variety of industries to determine how happy clients are with a company's service. Our customers will be sent a CSAT survey at the end of each interaction—classified as anything done on behalf of our clients. Each time the survey is completed it is reflected in the CSAT score, which is generated by Crewhu. With this survey, you can rank us on factors like timeliness, responsiveness, and accuracy.

How often is the CSAT score updated?

The CSAT score is an aggregate of the last 90 days. The score is not updated by the HighPoint team as it is managed and generated by Crewhu, a third-party company. This means that all reviews—whether good or bad—will account for the score that we display above, giving you an unbiased reflection of the service we can offer.

How do we maintain such a high score?

At HighPoint, we pride ourselves on our customer service approach. We have built the foundation of our company on how our services are able to elevate clients' experiences in the workplace by streamlining their IT set up and ensuring it is one less thing to worry about in their day-to-day.


Discover "the point" behind HighPoint Technology—read about what propels our customer service as well as the values and promises that built the foundation of HighPoint.

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