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Refine Your IT Strategy

We start with business objectives.

At HighPoint, we understand that technology, whether it be traditional IT or audio/video technologies, are only as good as the alignment they have to your business needs and processes. With intentional planning and industry expertise in many specialties across the spectrum, we create an actionable and realistic plan that gets you where you want to go. At HighPoint, we guide clients through a methodical procurement process that starts with business objectives, rather than an IT shopping list.

IT Roadmaps & Assessments

Every HighPoint Technology Group project begins with a roadmap. Once you know where you are, you can get where you're going.

Your team works side-by-side with our experts to chart your current business challenges and future objectives. We take a collaborative approach to assessing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for each technology area of focus before taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

Together, we plot a pragmatic course to the right solution, using IT infrastructure, services, and support to get there. Following closely behind, HighPoint's IT assessments give you an in-depth understanding of your existing technology infrastructure and enable us to better understand your business. It's a great way for new customers to get acquainted with our expertise and partnership.


CIO & CISO Advisory

Staying connected to support your business.

It's easy to gain insight on clients' wants and needs based on data, but we prefer to get our information straight from the source. By keeping in constant communication with our network of CIOs and CISOs, we're able to get the full picture of what remains top of mind for businesses and make technology decisions accordingly. This consortium allows leaders in the industry to form relationships with one another while helping us devise solutions that can support and achieve their business goals.


Business Continuity

Sleep better at night knowing you have a flexible, reliable, 24/7/365 business continuity solution in place for every possible scenario. The HighPoint engineering teams can help you craft a plan that insures your data, and your business, against disaster and disruption. Our ISO certified lead implementers partner with you to create a comprehensive continuity framework that protects every function within your organization, not just your IT.


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