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Cyber Security Audits

Be proactive with your defense with Offensive Security Audits. This type of audit has moved to the forefront of security practices and includes a complete and comprehensive look into your current security position and the possibility where a malicious attacker (external or internal) could compromise your company's capabilities.

Security Audits can be deployed against internally accessible or externally available systems, structures, and infrastructure elements. At HighPoint Technology Group, we want to help you improve your security posture to reduce the chance of a breach situation.

  • Validate current security controls and monitoring capacities.
  • Determine potential threats your organization or industry might face from an attacker. 
  • Uncover the depth in which corporate espionage can be carried out by your employees.
  • Know the weaknesses and strengths in your physical security controls.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your business that could compromise your abilities and harm your reputation.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Enterprise Patching Directory Services & Multi-Factor Authentication Endpoint Protection Vulnerability Assessments Penetration Testing
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