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Long-term Resilience

Defend against operational interruptions.

Establishing resilient operations has become more difficult than ever when navigating our interconnected world. Continuity planning has come to the forefront of defense technology as businesses are transformed and continue to introduce more risks to cyberspace.

At HighPoint, our business continuity solutions help you identify, prepare for and prevent events that may disrupt business activities. Working with us, you can develop the plans needed to recover efficiently and effectively including program assessment, implementation, testing, maintenance, and training.

Determining Risk Drivers

Recent Industry Interruptions

More robust recovery plans are a must following the increase in natural and cyber disasters.

Third-party Resiliency

Third parties such as IT suppliers, call centers, and transportation services can be risk areas and should offer full transparency and regulatory advice.

Being a Resilient Supplier/Partner

Regulators and partners are looking for insight into resiliency plans to guarantee fund portfolio and availability integrity in addition to their relative priority during emergency events.


Organizations are increasingly focused on enterprise-wide governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) to reduce compliance cost and provide better risk insight.

Reduced Tolerance for Downtime

Clients demand 24/7 access to goods and solutions. The new technology has high accessibility requirements to provide customized and competitive service offerings. Regulators' tolerance for critical system downtime is also diminishing.

Crisis Management & Social Media

Quick identification and internal/external reaction to crisis events could protect and increase brand value.

Developing Operational Resilience and Business Continuity

Our business continuity planning services will allow you to build operational strength and a business continuity program that's scalable.

Some of our solutions include:

  • BCP program evaluation and layout
  • Business impact analysis and disruption hazard assessment
  • Retrieval strategy selection and execution
  • Retrieval program development and resiliency improvement
  • BCP app exercising, maintenance, and instruction
  • BCP app technology enablement and business risk management integration
  • Third-party resiliency frame and analysis
  • Crisis management app development and exercises

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