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Switching Providers Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Change can be scary. Changing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is no exception.

An MSP is often a smart solution for businesses, but not all providers are equal. Whether it’s slow response times, poor customer service, or too much downtime, you may need a new technology partner.

However, many organizations resist switching because they fear transitioning to a new MSP is a big headache. Read on to understand why that’s not true and you shouldn’t settle for subpar service anymore.

FEAR #1 “I’m tired of empty promises of great customer service.”

FACT: HighPoint handpicks a customer experience manager (CEM) and engineer based on your technical needs, industry, users, and company’s personality. Onboarding and monthly check-ins help ensure your needs are met, while quarterly business reviews provide valuable forward-thinking insights. The CEM is empowered to make things right for you without needing management approval.

FEAR #2 “Changing providers will lead to downtime and hurt my business.”

FACT: Changing MSPs can – and should – be done with little to no impact on your business. With HighPoint, onboarding tasks can easily be scheduled for completion outside of regular business hours to prevent disruptions. If you do experience downtime during the transition, quantify how much and we’ll compensate you for it.

FEAR #3 “Transitioning will be a nuisance to employees.”

FACT: You don’t have to worry about interrupting your employees’ workflows. HighPoint schedules work – like installing and updating computers – at times that are most convenient to your team (e.g., overnight) and unlikely to impact their work. We’ll also have an engineer on-premises the next morning to ensure everything works properly, address any issues, and answer any questions.

FEAR #4 “I’ve been burned in the past. I don’t know if I can trust someone new.”

FACT: HighPoint works hard to build a relationship with you right away. Before your onboarding, you’ll get to meet in person the people you’ll work regularly with. And you’ll never have to worry about technical speak – everyone on our team knows how to communicate in plain language.

FEAR #5 “Employees are often resistant to change.”

FACT: Communicating the changeover with a clear process and timeline helps employees feel more confident. HighPoint sends introduction emails to each employee. In addition, a CEM meets with your team face-to-face and hands out postcards with the best way to reach them.

FEAR #6 “How will my current MSP handle the news?”

FACT: Offboarding is just as important as onboarding, and a professional, ethical company will handle it as such. HighPoint guides you through all the information to gather from the current provider. If your provider doesn’t cooperate, we’ll work to make the transition happen. And if your MSP decides to hand everything over immediately, we’ll jump in to get the transition done quickly.




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