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Make sure you follow these steps.

Spring is on the way! The season of cleaning is almost upon us! Here are some helpful tips to give your technology the spring cleaning it deserves.

#1 Out With the Old!

Start with the local storage on your computer and delete old and unnecessary files. The downloads folder is an easy place to begin your cleaning since it is a catch-all place where many files tend to accumulate before moving into a long-term folder, and the files that are left behind tend to be unimportant.

#2 Seeing Double

Look for duplicate documents. These often happen if a document gets downloaded more than once, or if a file goes through several stages of revision. You can free up a lot of space by deleting out-of-date documents. If your organization has version control standards that require older copies to be kept on record, then make sure you don’t delete these.

#3 Check the Locks! 

Put simply, prioritize security. Make sure you have installed multifactor authentication (MFA) for an extra layer of protection. Additionally, invest in a password manager. Utilizing a password manager that is not on your browser is a safe way to manage and store your passwords on secure servers safe from hackers.

#4 Cybersecurity Refresh

Awareness is half the battle. Partnering with the right provider can help develop end user awareness training programs, and ensure that your cybersecurity framework contains organizational standards, guidelines, and best practices used to manage cybersecurity risks.

#5 Account Check

Take security a step further and review access control for your business technology. Making sure that all access and licenses for former employees have been removed and that current employees can only access what they need is a huge step in preventing security risks.

#6 Digital Cleanup Day!

Digital Cleanup Day is March 16, 2024. This day is dedicated to cleaning up our digital lives and reducing digital pollution. To help declutter and stay organized, be sure you are deleting unnecessary and unused apps and keeping all relevant software up to date. Updating software to its current version allows it to maintain performance and keep your data secure so that it can run as efficiently as possible.

#7 Find the Right Partner

Here at HighPoint, we can help assist your organization with a lot more than just the spring cleaning. As your trusted strategic IT partner, we will review your entire infrastructure, make recommendations on areas of improvement and work hand in hand to help you take on a complete digital transformation. Contact us now and let our expert guidance do more than just the deep cleaning!





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