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Did you know that HighPoint has a Magic Portal?

Did you know that HighPoint has a Magic Portal? While the name suggests something mystical, it’s actually a real-life site where employees can do everything from submitting a service request into our Operations department, to taking an online class for Microsoft Excel.




The HighPoint Magic Portal can be found at https://magic.gohighpoint.com and uses your existing Microsoft Office 365 login credentials.



Welcome Home

Once you log in, you are presented with a home screen that is customized for your specific company with a set of navigation tabs on the left portion of the window. For a normal employee, the navigation options include relevant areas such as IT Support and Self-Service Area.

Also included on the Home Page are a set of “Quick Links” to take you directly to commonly used tasks within the portal.








Looking for Support?

By using the navigation on the left side and selecting the IT SUPPORT area, the portal shows you commonly used support tasks including Submitting a New Ticket, and viewing all Open Tickets that you may already have with our Operations team.

Submitting a new ticket incorporates templates with easy-to-follow sections to help you identify your issue and get an engineer assigned as quickly as possible. Need help with your computer? No problem, just select the first drop-down option under the Submit a New Ticket area and you’re on your way to reporting a service issue.










Another popular option under the IT SUPPORT section is Current Open Tickets with our team. As the name implies, this area shows all of your tickets with our Operations team.

By clicking on a specific ticket, you immediately have the ability to review all notes on this ticket, and even respond back to it with updated information or attach files for our engineers.

All ticket updates are done in real-time, giving you instant access to your service requests.





Self-Service is the Name of the Game!

If you are the type who likes to figure things out for yourself, then we have the area for you! Using the navigation options on the left, simply select the SELF-SERVICE AREA to uncover a treasure trove of valuable information and learning opportunities.

The first area to discover is our new Learning Center. Here each employee will find a selection of Microsoft Office courses to browse and use whenever. Want to learn more about pivot tables in Excel? We’ve got you covered! Care to dive deeper into Microsoft Teams and setting up great online meetings? We have that and more!

All of the included courses are 100% free of charge and can be used whenever and wherever you desire.




For those who feel like they have the basics down, but are looking for specific content on a specific subject, then you may find our newly updated How To Documents area to your liking. Here you will find step by step guides on how to do everything from updating your email signature in Outlook, to applying a video filter in Microsoft Teams.

While these How To documents will never answer all your questions with these business products, these are great first steps for those who like to learn on their own. Make sure to check back here often as each quarter we plan on uploading additional guides and content to this section to assist you in your daily work lives.






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