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Enterprise-class Cloud Storage Built to Scale with Your Organization

Take advantage of a compliant, reliable, flexible, and secure hosted storage alternative with The HighPoint Volaré cloud Storage as a Service (STaaS). You will never again have to worry about meeting storage capability and compliance demands cost-effectively.

Protect Critical Data and Processes

Deployed on enterprise-class platforms, our storage solution is enhanced by the security of HighPoint’s Volaré cloud compliance programs and protocols. By leveraging our investment in facility and equipment infrastructure and the resources required to maintain that technology, you can bring value back to the business while enjoying the flexibility to choose a storage solution that suits performance, budgetary, and compliance requirements.

Storage as a Service Benefits

  • Provides predictable costs with the flexibility to scale
  • Reduces capital expenditure requirements for data storage
  • Built on a reliable infrastructure platform
  • Offers flexibility to scale capacity when you need it
  • Secure hosting in our Tier 3 and 4 enterprise-class data centers
  • Reduces operational expenditure costs for storage array administration
  • Enables business continuity solutions, including replication and disaster recovery

S3-Compatible Object + File Services

The storage-as-a-service landscape has seen immense changes as a result of cloud solutions. Enterprises require S3-compatible storage and document storage, meaning that unlimited scalability, protection, built-in data security, and multi-tenancy are requirements to consider.

The HighPoint Volaré cloud STaaS solutions tackle these requirements with top industry solutions for petabyte-scalable storage.

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