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Utilize Virtual Desktop Infrastructures to Enhance Outsourcing Experiences

Most businesses use some type of managed solution or cloud-based technology so they don't have to spend valuable time and resources building those systems themselves.

This approach can also be taken with desktops, which are often overlooked since they are such an ordinary part of everyday business. However, if not managed properly, their maintenance can be time-consuming and pull attention away from primary business objectives. Because of this, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) are ideal for outsourcing to a managed services provider such as HighPoint.


The HighPoint Device as a Service (DaaS) offers many benefits over trying to build VDI in-house.

Superior User ExperienceEnhanced SecuritySimplified ManagementSignificant Cost SavingsFully Managed

Superior User Experience

Optimized for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, this solution allows users to easily connect from any device in any location while delivering uncompromised calendar and email performance—critical elements for today's increasingly remote workforce.

Enhanced Security

Unique security advantages include:

  • Role-based access
  • Isolated user sessions
  • Reverse connect technology (which reduces an attack surface)

Simplified Management

The Volaré virtual desktops can be deployed and scaled in minutes, enabling your organization to easily virtualize both desktops and applications.

Significant Cost Savings

Reduced infrastructure costs, simplified licensing and labor savings deliver compelling economic benefit.

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Fully Managed

The environment is fully managed by HighPoint Volaré cloud engineers with distinct expertise in VDI infrastructures.

Cost Savings

Who wouldn’t want to completely eliminate the need to ever buy a computer or software license for your business again in the future?

Maximize your cost savings by pairing our VDI solution with our DaaS program.

When you build a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in-house, you get only what you build. Features like virtual application streaming (separate from full virtual desktops) and regulatory compliant environments require extra work and much wider project scope.

It’s easy to see how an in-house virtualization project can quickly expand to a much larger undertaking than initially anticipated. If you want to manage, monitor, and gain insights from your virtual environment, you have to purchase and implement a series of third-party tools.

By investing in a solid end-to-end outsourcing solution that offers a package of end-user computing solutions instead of simply virtual desktops, you can acquire centralized access to added virtual solutions and built-in environment insights. Gaining access to integrated solutions from a single provider can reduce in-house management time, shrink your vendor footprint, and provide a more comprehensive view of your overall environment.

Overall, while in-house VDI and managed desktop as a service may present an enhanced solution, adding our HighPoint DaaS (Device as a Service) product offering to a VDI infrastructure means your hardware, software, and applications are all delivered to you as a single service, allowing your business to take a gigantic step forward.

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