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Protect Your Operations Against Disaster

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to try and spot the crucial processes that affect your core operations.

HighPoint's Business Continuity Services identify crucial steps to protect business procedures, equipment, and human resources. Business Continuity is the initial step to establishing true resiliency for your organization.

If your company has yet to identify critical functions, measured the cost of a possible disturbance, or created a strategy to maintain minimum uptime requirements, these solutions offer a place to begin.

The Cost of Downtime

Disruption of IT infrastructure, networks, or facilities can bring any company to a halt. Gartner estimates[1] that the average cost of a minute of network downtime is $5,600. The cost of being disabled is too high for most businesses to survive.

Our Business Continuity Services

Our services are designed to help organizations...

  • Identify critical business functions and potential risks to procedures, systems, or locations.
  • Quantify the potential impact of disruption to your crucial business functions.
  • Meet minimum uptime requirements.

While business continuity services include security assessments, the typical service scope does not include remediation of security issues. For this reason, HighPoint offers security services separately.

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Business Continuity Planning

An integral part of business continuity planning is strategizing using roadmaps, which can help keep your business going when unexpected issues strike. HighPoint will assist you to build a strategy that minimizes uptime requirements. Roadmap strategies are generally based on mitigation or preventing outages through the creation of a resilient system layout, and contingency preparation that manages outages as they happen. We will also help your company strategize on the best way to identify and declare a disaster in order to execute the continuity plan immediately.

Business Impact Analysis

Jump right in to establish a plan for your company's resiliency. HighPoint works with you to determine critical business functions, understand distinctive risks around your work sites, measure the effect of a possible disturbance, and collect data to develop strategies for business continuity policies.

Traditional “Data Protection” Services

Protect your data with solutions designed to meet your unique business needs and industry requirements. With HighPoint, you get an ecosystem of available solutions from outside software and hardware product offerings to our own Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS). Let our experts manage the never-ending cycle of data backups so that you can focus on managing your business.

Disaster Recovery Services

Let us do the heavy lifting.

A technology disruption can sideline your business, but so can concentrating too much on non-core tasks like disaster recovery management. Let HighPoint’s team of experts do the heavy lifting. Your IT team can stay focused on success knowing they’re prepared if disaster strikes.

Choose from outside vendor options or HighPoint’s own affordable, scalable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering. Gain transparency into your IT operations with a platform that is tested and validated to protect your physical and virtual workload in times of need.

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