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HighPoint’s Endpoint Management Program

With over two decades of experience, HighPoint Technology Group provides a strong history of managing our customers' array of remote workers and endpoint devices.

Our technologies and protocols have every capability needed to securely enable productivity for any user, on any supported device, anywhere in the world. Our latest advancements in Endpoint Management enable the following capabilities:

  • the ability to deploy software, manage settings, and patch remote worker devices, irrespective of physical location, without any dependencies on on-premises infrastructure or corporate network connectivity
  • big data-driven analytics through endpoint analytics to allow your IT department to proactively tackle conditions that could disrupt your remote workers before they arise
  • a cloud-based suite of security services that are built to reinforce—not replace—existing security practices

Solution Comparison

Solution Comparison

Traditional services:

  • Lack proper security focus
  • Charge per device
  • Cost extra for application support
  • Are reactive in nature
  • Don't improve your business


Includes everything from Crest and Base Camp, plus:

  • Employee security awareness program
  • Email phishing remediation and support
  • File system auditing & reporting service
  • Integrated single sign-on for cloud apps
  • Advanced regulatory support program
  • Unlimited 3rd party business app support
  • On-site CIO consultancy services**


Includes everything from Base Camp, plus:

  • Behavioral Intrusion Prevention services
  • Advanced desktop web content filtering
  • Full Active Directory support services
  • Strategic Business Reviews
  • Unlimited Office 365 & G-Suite support
  • Unlimited 3rd party vendor management*

Base Camp


  • Unlimited concierge support
  • Unlimited hardware support
  • Hardware & software purchasing support
  • Access to HighPoint secure chat client
  • Anti-virus software & support
  • Anti-malware software & support
  • Anti-ransomware software & support
  • Access to HighPoint Magic Portal

Device as a Service (DaaS) Product

Cover every point in the hardware lifecycle with one point of contact.

  • Comprehensive needs analysis
  • Flexible three-, four-, or five-year terms, and available 12-month rental options
  • Eliminate the need for vendor management: HighPoint serves as your single point of contact for all DaaS devices and all maintenance needs
  • Scale up at any time: add as you need them, ready to plug-and-play
  • Predictable costs through simple, per-device monthly billing
  • Lifecycle management with planned refreshes: always work with current technology, without taking your IT resources offline for removal, disposition, or installation of new devices and upgrades
  • Trusted partner
HighPoint DaaS Lifecycle

DaaS from HighPoint

  • Leverage capital
  • Single payees
  • Predictable expenses

Compared to Leasing

  • Leverage capital
  • Multiple payees
  • Unpredictable expenses

Compared to Purchasing

  • Exhaust cash
  • Multiple payees
  • Unpredictable expenses
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