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Secure Enterprise Endpoints

HighPoint Technology Group offers industry-leading tools, technology, and over 20 years of endpoint security experience to help secure your environment around the clock.

As technologies (such as mobile, IoT, and cloud) expand, so do points of entry, or endpoints. Meanwhile, the complexity of cyber attacks continues to grow.

Because of this, it's fairly hard to guarantee the safety of endpoints throughout your business. This can be compounded with the fact that you might not have the required skills and experience to handle endpoint security in-house.

Our Sales Engineering and Operations teams manage multiple platforms, securing thousands of endpoints across hundreds of clients.

Managed Endpoint Protection Services

Defend Endpoints Against Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks

Endpoints have become more exposed than ever before as they represent the newest venture perimeter. Discover how HighPoint Security Managed Endpoint Protection Services will help you protect against dangers to endpoint security.

Endpoint Antivirus Protection

Design, configure, and deploy antivirus policies with our proven strategies and approach.

Data Loss Prevention

Protect against malicious or accidental misuse or loss of sensitive information by enacting policies aligned with regulatory compliance.

Endpoint Encryption

Leverage the most recent encryption technologies to protect against device loss or theft.

Managed Endpoint Security

Keep constant state operations via monitoring, upkeep, and routine updates from trained security analysts along with a centralized management console.

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