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What is Penetration Testing?

Build your organization's cyber security confidence with our penetration testing services.

Penetration Testing (or pen testing) is performing a simulated attack against your organization as a means to uncover any flaws in your business's cyber security infrastructure, such as network equipment, servers, services, operating systems, and software. Cyber security penetration testing is a good way for a company to construct its own cybersecurity confidence.

This method is an extremely efficient means to confirm the performance of your detection and monitoring systems, enhance your comprehension of layered security exploitation, and also discover just how vulnerabilities can be employed to exploit your system.

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Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing services deliver not only any actual exploitations of vulnerabilities and attempts to elevate privileged access to key systems, but also satisfy any compliance needs and defense against direct cyber threats.

Our Penetration Testing solutions place a focus on a multi-level system that entails asset recognition and foot-printing, threat modeling, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, and post-exploitation actions. Post exploitation activities focus on accessing confidential information, escalation of privileges for advanced access and authentication, and the compromise of enterprise qualities including availability, reliability, and scalability.

  • Testing includes black box, white box, and gray-box approaches.
  • Focus on the exploitation of vulnerabilities or post-exploitation goals.
  • Validate the security of a complete security structure, its systems, services, and actions.
  • Pivoting activities allow us to access systems associated with a target environment.
  • Activities are non-destructive and carefully monitored.

We begin our penetration testing process with a vulnerability assessment that provides our team of expert cybersecurity consultants an idea of your organization's cybersecurity position. We assess your organization's defenses using advanced tools and technologies to identify where your cybersecurity defenses may need to be improved.

It's vital for businesses of any size to assess any weak spots or gaps before purchasing specific cyber security solutions. HighPoint's penetration testing services technically assess systems and networks to deliver insights into what your business needs to best protect itself while ending the purchase and implementation of bolt-on security products whether they're best for your system or not.

Penetration testing helps our expert cyber security consultants assess your system and develop a comprehensive view of your existing security posture to prioritize the steps necessary to best protect your business infrastructure.

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