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Utilize Vulnerability Assessments to Defend Your Organization

Exposure to cybersecurity attacks has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, making the importance of a proactive defense strategy a top priority for business entities.

This is where Vulnerability Assessments come in. They review your organization's systems and structures to determine possible threats and provide an initial insight into your organization's cybersecurity standing.

The objective of a Vulnerability Assessment is to uncover weak points in your company's IT systems and establish a prioritized remediation plan based on the severity of the weakness as well as your group's ability to solve IT issues.

Why You Need a Vulnerability Assessment

Our team of expert cybersecurity consultants will help you interpret the findings of your vulnerability assessment and provide you with a clear and detailed report that outlines key actions your organization should take to maximize your cybersecurity posture.

Using one or more "scanning" tools, HighPoint Technology Group analyzes your entire infrastructure to identify any potential technical vulnerabilities. This is done to:

  • Match critical vulnerabilities with critical assets.
  • Generate a list of patches or other solutions to apply to those vulnerabilities.
  • Identify any false-positives or false-negatives.
  • Improve your cyber security posture, both internally and externally.
  • Save internal time and effort, without interruptions to your normal business activities.
  • Identify areas where your existing security solutions might not be optimized to reach their potential.

Establishing an effective vulnerability assessment process is key to any organization's security practices.

  • Vulnerability assessment schedules are based on the importance of the systems under review.
  • Assessments are performed to analyze a business's infrastructure, web applications, and mobile devices.
  • Our vulnerability assessment process produces comprehensive reports with comparative metrics to help you understand your cyber security position.
  • Multi-tier reporting includes an executive summary, stakeholder review, and technical analysis.
  • Monitor your capability to discover and remediate issues.
  • Integrate as part of your secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC) and I.S. approach.

HighPoint can provide a completely managed Vulnerability Assessment for your organization to analyze threats against your internal accessible systems as well as your external facing assets. We provide support in all aspects of your vulnerability assessment, from operational execution to implementing remediation solutions.


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